Sunday, November 25, 2012

Geeks of Doom Invade Your Inbox

Geeks of Doom Invade Your Inbox

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Geek Gear: The Big Bang Theory ‘My Spot’ Shirt

Posted: 25 Nov 2012 05:45 AM PST

The Big Bang Theory My Spot Shirt

The $10 t-shirt deal of the day over at TeeFury today is a Doctor Who-themed shirt called "My Spot" by Draganmac.

The sale began at Teefury today, Sunday, November 25, at midnight EST, and will continue for 24 hours from then, and once it's over, it will not be sold on the site for $10 anymore, though it might continue into the next day for $13 (look for the After Hours bar at the top). [...]

$5 MP3 Album Deal: Talking Heads ‘The Best of Talking Heads’

Posted: 25 Nov 2012 05:20 AM PST

Talking Heads Best of Talking Heads

As part of Amazon's monthly $5 MP3 album deals for November 2012, Talking Heads' The Best of Talking Heads is on sale for only $5.

If you would like a physical copy of The Best of Talking Heads, the CD is available for only $9.99.

Released in 2004, The Best of Talking Heads is a compilation album that spans the group's entire history from their 1977 hit "Psycho Killer," off their debut album Talking Heads: 77, to "Once in a Lifetime," from 1980's Remain in Light, to "(Nothing But) Flowers," from their eighth and final studio album, Naked, released in 1988. It is the essential Talking Heads album to own.

Browse all 100 albums on sale this month for only $5 each [...]

2012 Black Friday Weekend Sunday Lightning Deals: DVD/Blu-ray

Posted: 25 Nov 2012 05:00 AM PST


For Black Friday weekend, Amazon is offering up Lightning Deals, limited quantities of various products for a discounted price for a 4-hour window of time. You have to be on the lookout for these deals and once the item runs out, the sale is over. Meaning, if you see something on sale that you want, buy it immediately before it's gone.

Amazon has released the Lightning Deal schedule and prices for Movies & TV on DVD and Blu-ray for Sunday, November 25, starting at 8:20AM PST (that's 11:20AM EST) and running through 8:20pm PST. See list of these lighting deals here below, along with more information on how these special deals work [...]

$5 MP3 Album Deal: Bill Withers ‘Lean On Me: The Best Of’

Posted: 24 Nov 2012 11:00 AM PST

Bill Withers

Lean on Me: The Best Of, by Bill Withers, the compromising, enterprising, and actually IS also a tranquilizing singer/songwriter who mixes blues, R&B, folk, smooth jazz, and even a little funk into a gumbo to be heard by all, is now available in MP3 format from Amazon this month for only $5.

Bill Withers remains one of the most successful artists of the 1970s. He's responsible for some of the great R&B pop songs of our or any age: the number one smash urban gospel assurances of "Lean on Me," the funky and musically submissive "Use Me," the sing-a-long "Grandma's Hands," the evocative and stripped down dawn breaking through morning dew on a trampled on heart musical musings of "Ain't No Sunshine," the uplifting and impossibly sustained vocal notes on "Lovely Day," the memorable greeting card brought up to the highest level ballad "Just The Two Of Us," and finally, the funky, get loose, get your groove on 'fore you lose it "Who Is He And What Is He To You" and all the rest, this greatest hits collection and then some is essential for Billphiles, Billnovices, Billoholics, and Billjunkies. Upon a few times listening to this collection, you'll become at least one of those, guaranteed.

Browse all 100 albums on sale this month for only $5 each [...]

Game Review: Call Of Duty: Black Ops II

Posted: 24 Nov 2012 10:00 AM PST

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Image

Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Xbox 360| PS3 | PC | Wii U
PUBLISHER: Activision
RELEASE DATE: November 13, 2012

Releasing a new title in a video game franchise every year is no easy task, and with it comes something of a curse. While fans of the games eat up each annual installment, most others eventually get bored and yearn for something more fresh and original, as was the case, for a recent example, with both the Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty franchises.

Due to this, we saw both series look to refresh their respective franchises this year. Assassin's Creed III ran away from the historical Italian setting of its previous three installments and relocated to the United States during the American Revolution. It's still basically the same thing we've seen released by Ubisoft the past four years or so, but the setting change has clearly been appreciated and the game has gotten generally positive reviews. As for Call of Duty, developer Treyarch had the tricky task of revitalizing the franchise with their own sequel, Call of Duty: Black Ops II. [...]

Comics Deal: Terminator Omnibus Volume 1 TPB

Posted: 24 Nov 2012 08:01 AM PST

Terminator Omnibus Volume 1 TPB

The deal of the day over at Things From Another World today is the Terminator Omnibus Volume 1 trade paperback edition from Dark Horse Comics for only $12.49 (that's 50% off the list price of $24.99).

Note - This deal is valid only for today, Saturday, November 24, 2012, til 11:59PM PST while supplies last.

When the deal sells out, you can also get Terminator Omnibus Volume 1 trade paperback is also available at Amazon for the regular price of $24.99 [...]

Remembering Queen Front Man Freddie Mercury On The 21st Anniversary Of His Death

Posted: 24 Nov 2012 07:25 AM PST

Freddie Mercury

Today marks the day that 21 years ago the front man of the British rock group Queen, the irrepressibly colorful Freddie Mercury, succumbed to complications of AIDS. The band had carried on after the death of their singer, but it was never the same; the band had matched the intensity and sonic wallop to the eardrums its singer vocally postulated, and was one of those lighting in a bottle, one of a kind situations, ala a Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Who, and The Beatles (many of those bands acting as an influence to Queen). Mercury's death created a void in rock/pop music for all time and also set a standard for singing excellence for all time as well.

Mercury was gifted with a vocal range that reached untold galaxies; he had perfected the term bombast, as Queen's self-indulgent musical posturing never sunk them, largely in part to A) the ferocity and flowery he/she kind of style manifested by Mercury, with his boldness on stage, and his flamboyance somewhere in the middle of Marc Bolan and Elton John and B) the fact that they were mainly the only band engaging in a kind of theater rock/cabaret progressive (in the early days of the band's career) style, which ultimately became their instant trademark [...]

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