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Geeks of Doom Invade Your Inbox

Geeks of Doom Invade Your Inbox

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Comic Review: Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #4

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 07:20 PM PST

Thunderbolt #4

Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #4
Written by Steve Darnall & Alex Ross
Illustrated by Jonathan Lau
Colors by Vinicius Andrade
Letters by Simon Bowland
Covers by Alex Ross & Stephen Segovia
Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: December 12, 2012
Cover Price: $3.99

Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #4 is one fantastic comic book! It's got a very old school vibe, yet it's set in modern times, making it one of the few properties that can actually work in modern day. Dynamite has done other pulp heroes and wisely left them in their original time frame, but the creative team proves that Peter Cannon can be updated for current times with great success.

Steve Darnall and Alex Ross bring you an action-packed, well thought out, fun, and entertaining comic to us this month. There is SO much going on in this book, it's crazy. You've got about six different mysteries and subplots running at the same time, yet it's never confusing or misleading. This issue in particular is a lot of build up to what's coming, yet the writers are able to weave some great action seamlessly into the story without going out of their way and making it awkward. The character of Peter Cannon is SO interesting, I dare say he's one of the most entertaining characters in comics today. He's a modern day guru with deep, dark hidden secrets and he's also headed towards a war that he probably won't win. Yet, the character is never bogged down in needless self pity; he's a true hero and there's a lot of those missing in comics today [...]

AMC To Re-Air Seasons 1 & 2 Of ‘The Walking Dead’ In Black & White

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 03:00 PM PST

The Walking Dead Black and White Image

One of the cool bonus features on The Walking Dead's season 1 special edition Blu-Ray, was that it came with the pilot episode "Days Gone By," entirely in black and white. Just as it is in creator Robert Kirkman's comic, as well as George A. Romero's classic Night of the Living Dead. The episode was also ra-aired in B&W this past summer as we awaited the start of season 3.

Now comes word that AMC is not done dropping the colors. It's being reported that they will be re-airing not only the pilot episode, but all of seasons 1 and 2 in black and white.

Continue reading to find out when. [...]

Comic Review: Red Sonja: Atlantis Rises #4

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 01:15 PM PST

Red Sonja: Atlantis Rises #4

Red Sonja: Atlantis Rises #4
Written by Luke Lieberman
Pencils by Max Dunbar
Colors by Mark Roberts
Letters by Simon Bowland
Cover by Lucio Parrillo
Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: December 12, 2012
Cover Price: $3.99

Red Sonja: Atlantis Rising #4 is a good, solid sword and sorcery comic. If you're looking for classic She-Devil with a sword action, this is where you'll find it. It does have some flaws, but you can overlook most of them.

Writer Luke Lieberman knows his Red Sonja, and it's obvious in this book. He knows the character and her universe inside and out, and that helps make this an exciting, fun read. If you haven't read the previous issues, you may be a little lost at first, but Lieberman does a great job catching you up in a natural way, through dialogue, which is a nice treat when you compare it to the many books that have recap pages or paragraphs inside the front cover. It's all-out action and adventure, and it flows really nicely [...]

Holiday Geek Gift Guide 2012: Batman Edition

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 11:45 AM PST

Holiday Geek Gift Guide: Batman

The city calm, and the night is dark, but there's a gloom on the horizon of the newly fallen snow. It's with this that you realize that there are very few shopping days left until the holidays are over. Well, chances are you've got a Batman fan in your life on some level whether they be hardcore fans, new comers or simply a casual gent or lady that enjoys the movies. Well, have I got some last minute, easy as pecan pie solutions for you! Below are several gift ideas that can be presented to your loved ones. One thing that should be mentioned about the below list is that pretty much nothing needs deep understanding of the character's history. These are pretty safe gifts for any Batfan that you may know, no matter how hardcore. Anyway, let's get on with this gift guide, shall we?


The thing about Absolute Editions is that, even if I personally don't like the story, I want the Absolute Edition. Does that make sense? Let me explain. Absolute Editions are presented in the giant hardcover that basically is the same size as the original art, but it's completely colored and printed on extremely high quality paper. So, any imaginable detail in the art can be experienced, and usually only the most high profile stories with incredibly talented creative teams get the Absolute treatment. Plus, in these editions, there are loads of bonus features that liken them to the most ultimate editions of movie releases. So, with that, let's move on to the two Batman specific ones on this list. [...]

Now With More Lens Flare: ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Gets An Improved Trailer

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 11:02 AM PST

Star Trek: Into Darkness Header Image

The past two weeks have brought us a veritable bonanza of Star Trek Into Darkness promotional material since Paramount Pictures officially set the film's marketing campaign to warp 9, starting off with the release of a killer teaser poster. A few days later a minute-long announcement trailer hit the web. This past weekend a 9-minute preview begin showing in front of IMAX 3D screenings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey while standard 2D and 3D screenings of Peter Jackson's latest fantasy epic got a snazzy new trailer that features even more footage from one of 2013's most anticipated tentpole blockbusters. Today that trailer has surfaced online courtesy of iTunes.

You can watch the trailer here below [...]

Comic Review: Space: 1999 – Aftershock and Awe

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 10:00 AM PST

Space: 1999: Aftershock and Awe

Space: 1999 - Aftershock and Awe
Written by Andrew E.C. Gaska
Art by Gray Morrow, Miki, & David Hueso
Cover by Gray Morrow
Archaia Entertainment
Release Date: December 17, 2012
Cover Price: $24.95

If you're looking to take a leisurely breeze through Space: 1999 - Shock and Awe, you'd better think again. Clocking in at 168 pages, this is one of the most involved comics that I've ever read. And by involved I mean by both creators AND readers.

I don't think I've ever seen quite as much love poured into a project as I have this one. It's clear that Archaia and especially author Andrew E.C. Gaska wanted this graphic novel to be something beyond fantastic and their work clearly shows and that's what they deliver. In spades. I honestly can't believe what went into this book - and I'm only speculating.

The first part is a fantastic adaptation of the first episode of the series by Gaska taken from old Charlton Comics! From there, it just gets better. Gaska delves into the back story of the series and even shows us what happens to Earth after the nuclear disaster of September 13, 1999 [...]

‘The Hobbit’ At 48 fps: Pulling Us Out Of Our Comfort Zone

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 08:30 AM PST

Peter Jackson on 'The Hobbit' set

I have seen the future, and it plays at 48 frames per second. It may not currently be without notable flaws, but technological revolutions seldom begin as such.

This week I saw a Digital IMAX projection of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in HFR. HFR (High Frame Rate) is a marketing term for digital video projected at 48 fps (frames per second), exactly twice the current film frame rate standard of 24 fps.

As some have accurately criticized, to the unaccustomed eye this has the tendency of making the film look like a 70's BBC TV drama or an old soap opera (that's because rather than using film, pre-HDTV era soap operas were acquired using economically efficient video cameras which captured at a rate of 60 interlaced fields per second, or the equivalent of 30 frames per second).

During scenes populated mostly by CGI characters I often felt I was watching a cutscene from a fantasy videogame. The high frame rate also appears to reveal more potential imperfections, particularly in scenes involving actors. At times Ian Holm's (older Bilbo Baggins) face looked so waxy and dull I thought his makeup was applied by morticians. Makeup artists are going to have to be more stringent than ever in the HFR world. In fact, I'd say the majority of criticism attributed to the "eerie" look of this new process is an indication that all filmmaking disciplines will need to reinvent themselves to meet the challenge of the medium [...]

Comic Review: Ghostbusters #16

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 07:00 AM PST

Ghostbusters #16

Ghostbusters #16
Written by Erik Burnham
Pencils by Dan Schoening
Colors by Luis Antonio DelGado
Slimer Pin-Up by Tristan Jones
Letters by Neil Uyetake
Edits by Tom Waltz
Covers by Dan Schoening & Chris Madden
IDW Publishing
Release Date: December 12, 2012
Cover Price: $3.99

Hidden in Ghostbusters #16 is a honest to God, heartwarming romantic story. No, seriously. C'mon, I'm not joking!!! And can I just say that's it a nice treat to have a Christmas issue of a comic? Because, it is.

This month, Erik Burnham gives us an issue spotlighting Winston. We don't get enough Winston. So, while this isn't a SOLO tale by ANY means, it's a nice issue that totally revolves around him. Don't worry, he still gives us the patented Erik Burnham "meanwhile, he's some things that are going to cause trouble down the line" moments. Back to this issue, though, it revolves around Winston and his girlfriend, a ghost from Winston's past, and him being trapped alone in a creepy old house. For the first time that I can recall, we get some inner monologue, which is really nice and very entertaining. This issue also sets up some VERY cool stuff, that I can't even imagine what it's leading up to or how it's going to pan out, but I'm really excited to see where this all goes. All in all, a really nice, charming and funny issue [...]

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