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Skinny VS Curvy

Skinny VS Curvy

Lingerie Model Treat: Kelly Brook

Posted: 06 Dec 2012 01:00 PM PST

Lingerie Model Treat: Kelly Brook | kelly brook

Lingerie model treat: Kelly Brook, who looks curvy as usual in a new batch of shots that promote her own lingerie line.

And a quote from Kelly:

The heavier I am, the more I like my boobs and bum, and the happier I look. Some girls are naturally skinny, others are bigger. My body is a big part of my identity. I'd rather eat and have boobs, a bum and a bit of overhang than be really skinny and have sad, saggy boobs and a flat bum. You have to make a choice and then love yourself.

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Pregnant Holly Madison: “Feeling sexy is a real challenge”

Posted: 06 Dec 2012 12:56 PM PST

Pregnant Holly Madison: Feeling sexy is a real challenge | pregnant celebrities holly madison celebrity quotes

32 year-old Holly Madison is currently 7 months pregnant with her first child – and the blonde beauty reveals that she finds it difficult to feel sexy with her pregnant belly – from Daily Mail:

Baring her baby bump in a pretty pink bikini for InTouch magazine, The Girls’ Next Door star looks stunning and glowing. However, Holly tells the magazine that her blossoming belly can feel sometimes awkward.

‘Feeling sexy is a real challenge for me because I have this basketball on my stomach. It's weird!’ she says. ‘I'm just getting used to this whole new body. It can be very awkward.’

Holly also reveals that she has gained 19 pounds during her pregnancy. She says she has been keeping healthy by staying away from calorific food.

‘I've been trying to eat healthy for the baby, a lot of green smoothies and fruits and vegetables,’ she says.

The Peepshow beauty adds that she will return to the stage some time after the arrival of her baby girl, but will be toning things down in the future.

‘I don't need to show my nipples and vagina! Having a child on the way changes your perspective,’ she says. ‘You want to do things that will make them proud of you.’

When I hit 6 months, my belly got huge overnight, so I've been buying a lot of bigger sizes lately,’ Holly revealed.

‘You don't have to just shop in the maternity section when you are pregnant— you can shop anywhere, just be shape and size savvy!’

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Miranda Kerr Brings the Quote of the Day

Posted: 06 Dec 2012 08:15 AM PST

Miranda Kerr Brings the Quote of the Day | miranda kerr celebrity quotes

On the advice she received from her grandmother:

My grandma said, 'Men are very visual, so don't forget that. She said, 'Every day, put a little makeup on, put on some nice underwear, and you'll keep your husband.

… says Miranda.

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Kate Upton Cover Vogue UK

Posted: 06 Dec 2012 08:07 AM PST

Kate Upton Cover Vogue UK | kate upton

At request, here is Kate Upton on the cover of Vogue UK, looking less like her ultra-sexy in tiny outfits regular self – details about the cover from The Telegraph:

…We have keenly documented Kate Upton's trajectory into the world of high fashion: the blue-eyed, blonde-haired pin-up recently scored her second shoot for US Vogue , and starred on the cover of Carine Roitfeld's bi-annual solo magazine venture, CR Fashion Book , which sold out after just two months.

Now, the curvaceous beauty better known for covering the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (the ultimate accolade if you're the sort of model who spends 90 per cent of the time parading briefs and bikinis) has been picked by British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman to star on the cover of the style bible's January 2013 issue.

As Shulman explains in her editor's letter: "When I decided to shoot Kate for our first cover of 2013, it was to kick off the year with a young woman who is not a stereotypical fashion model – although, let's face it, she's hardly a heffalump!"

Indeed, 20-year-old Upton's physique doesn't make her an obvious candidate for a high fashion role: at 5'10″ and with a generous 34C chest, her hips are some two and a half inches wider than that other famous Kate – Moss.

"It's very rare for a girl; to move from one area of the business to the other, largely due to the fact that fashion models are almost without curves, whereas swimwear girls are celebrated for them," adds Shulman.

With Vogue 's seal of approval, Kate Upton really has got the high-end fashion world at her feet.

How do you all find Kate on this cover?

Kate has previously appeared in Vogue Italia – check her out here!



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Knock, Knock! Who’s There?

Posted: 05 Dec 2012 05:27 PM PST

Knock, Knock! Whos There? | take a guess

Knock, Knock! Who’s There?

See next!


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Bikini Model Treat: Elsa Hosk

Posted: 05 Dec 2012 05:10 PM PST

Bikini Model Treat: Elsa Hosk | hot models

Bikini Model Treat: Victoria’s Secret beauty Elsa Hosk, who looked lovely in a bikini during a photo-shoot in St. Barts this week.

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