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Geeks of Doom Invade Your Inbox

Geeks of Doom Invade Your Inbox

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Comic Review: Masks #1

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 07:00 PM PST

Masks #1

Masks #1
Written by Chris Roberson
Painted by Alex Ross
Letters by Simon Bowland
Cover by Alex Ross, Jae Lee, Francesco Francavilla & Ardian Syaf
Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: November 28, 2012
Cover Price: $3.99

Masks #1 is not just another mega crossover. It's the BEST kind of crossover. One that's natural and organic and one that makes sense. It's not just another "let's throw all our characters into one big fight" book. It's a top of the line, great comic.

Dynamite could NOT have chosen a better person to write this, that comic scribe Chris Roberson. He works MAGIC in this book. As I stated before, everything flows naturally, and nothing is forced. The book takes place in the golden age of the pulp heroes, with everyone in their prime. Again, everything is natural and flows beautifully. The Green Hornet & Kato follow a big time criminal to New York City where they meet up with The Shadow. I don't want to give too much away, but other characters follow and are introduced. Also, what I loved about this book is the villains. They're perfect pulp villains. There's no all powerful bad guy who holds the city hostage, it's a natural enemy for the heroes of that time. This is some really solid writing, and I can't wait for future issues. [...]

Marlon Wayans Returns To Scary Movies In ‘Paranormal Activity’ Spoof ‘A Haunted House’ Red Band Trailer

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 06:00 PM PST

A Haunted House Image

A new spoof is on the way, this time taking on the Paranormal Activity franchise and other found footage types, which is titled A Haunted House.

The movie stars Marlon Wayans, who was part of the first two Scary Movie flicks (the only two worth watching) trying to recapture some of that absurdly silly R-rated parody magic.

Whether he'll achieve that goal or if the movie will end up in the massive pile of mind-bogglingly awful spoof movies we've seen over the past decade or so remains to be seen. For now, you can watch the Red Band trailer for the movie below. NSFW warning in effect after this point. [...]

Comic Review: It Girl and The Atomics #4

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 05:00 PM PST

It Girl and the Atomics #4

It Girl and the Atomics #4
Created by Michael Allred
Written by Jamie S. Rich
Art by Mike Norton
Colors by Allen Passalaqua
Letters and Design by Crank!
Image Comics
Release date November 21, 2012
Price: $2.99

Greetings, GoDers! Groonk here to deliver all the comics reviews that's fit to post. This week I bring you the closing chapter in the first story arc of It Girl and the Atomics.

It's the battle that was always meant to happen when It Girl faces off against a deranged, gamer/stalker that turns out to be her big sister. Or is it?

In this issue we learn of two sisters: Nana (LaLa Wah-Wah) and Luna (It Girl). Luna always looked up to her big sister Nana. Then came the magic space goo that turned them and all their friends in mutants. That's when the magic carpet ride that we all know as superhero comics kicks into overdrive. [...]

New Motion Poster For ‘The Wolverine’ Ponders In The Rain

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 04:00 PM PST

The Wolverine Header Image

The return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is well on the way, and as marketing for The Wolverine picks up a new motion poster has surfaced.

Although a motion poster, it's still quite simple: Wolverine, atop a building in what appears to be deep thought, blades in hand (in more way than one), while rain pours down around him.

You can check out the motion poster for The Wolverine by heading on below now. [...]

Garrett Hedlund Carries The Legacy Of Flynn Once More In ‘Tron 3′

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 03:00 PM PST

Tron Legacy Garrett Hedlund Header

Those first few moments in Tron: Legacy gave us an indication that Disney had some plans for a sequel. Cillian Murphy's cameo appearance as Edward Dillinger, Jr., head of the software design team for ENCOM and the son of former ENCOM Senior Executive Ed Dillinger (portrayed by David Warner in the original film), completely came out of left field and had fans wondering how he would fit into all of this. The appearance may have been short lived, but some of the other character decisions made in the film also lead us to believe that there would be a Tron 3.

Well not only has Disney hired Jesse Wigutow to rewrite the script for Tron 3, but Tron: Legacy star Garrett Hedlund has confirmed he would could return to reprise his role. [...]

Comic Review: Cursed Pirate Girl, Vol. 1

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 02:00 PM PST

Cursed Pirate Girl, Vol. 1

Cursed Pirate Girl, Vol. 1
Written by Jeremy Bastian
Art by Jeremy Bastian
Archaia Entertainment
Release Date: December 12, 2012
Cover Price: $24.95

I'd been told about Cursed Pirate Girl for a long time before I actually picked it up. The thing about the comic that was brought up again and again was the artwork of Jeremy Bastian. It was always explained to me as a style of comic art that was unlike anything on comic shelves.

Finally, after reading Cursed Pirate Girl, Vol. 1 I can confirm that Jeremy Bastian is one of the most gifted artists working in comics. However, art isn't Cursed Pirate Girl's only sticking point. Within the pages of this book is one of the most well-written and thrilling adventure stories of 2012. [...]

New Images From ‘Monsters, Inc.’ Prequel ‘Monsters University’ Released

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 01:00 PM PST

Monsters University Image

A couple of new images from the upcoming Pixar movie, Monsters University, the prequel to 2001's Monsters, Inc., have made their way to the 'net.

The movie tells the story of when Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) first met in college, where they did not hit it off right away, taking turns pulling elaborate pranks on each other.

The prequel is directed by Dan Scanlon, and also features the voices of Steve Buscemi, Dave Foley, Julia Sweeney, Joel Murray, and Peter Sohn. It will be released on June 21, 2013. [...]

Comic Review: Cyber Force #2

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 12:00 PM PST

Cyber Force #2

Cyber Force #2
Written By Marc Silvestri and Matt Hawkins
Pencils by Khoi Pham
Inks by Sal Regla
Colors by Sunny Gho
Letters by Troy Peteri
Top Cow Productions, Inc.
Release Date: December 6, 2012
Cover Price: FREE

In the early '90s, Cyber Force was one of those grim, X-Men derivatives that never quite pulled away from a packed genre. I owned the first issue back in the day, but never opened it. Probably because I thought I was rich. I'd forever ruin my fortunes if I ever smudged the cover with my grimy, mortal fingers. Twenty years later, I really have no clue what happened to that comic. Looking at the price guides, should I ever find it, I could possibly cash it in and for a foot-long sub and a soda.

Now that the get-rich-quick, collector phase of comics is merely a laughable side-note in history, many series born from that era are getting much deserved reboots. This past summer, Matt Hawkins conducted a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign to resurrect and re-imagine Cyber Force. He also promised to release the first five-issue story arc for FREE. That's zero dollars. $0! This innovative utilization of crowd-funding is a concept that every comic fan should embrace. It's like a movie theater letting you sit in on the first 30 minutes of a movie before asking you to pay to see the rest. [...]

Disney In Depth: 10 Disney Movies That Deserve Theme Park Attractions (Part 2)

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 11:00 AM PST

Disney In Depth banner

Welcome back to Disney In Depth for the "top five" of a special two-part edition that explores the movies that deserve theme park attractions. Just in case you missed the previous edition, you can check it out here.

Before exploring the "most deserving" films, we cannot ignore the movies that would least work as attractions. Among them are great films and some bad ones, too. [...]

Comic Review: Marvel Now! Avengers #1

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 10:00 AM PST

Marvel Now! Avengers #1

Avengers #1
Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Jerome Opena
Cover by Dustin Weaver
Marvel Comics
Release Date: December 5, 2012
Cover Price: $3.99

Perhaps the most exciting new entry on the Marvel Now! series of comics is Avengers. Jonathan Hickman has taken over this series from the very capable hands of Brian Michael Bendis. Hickman made a name for himself with his work on Ultimate Fantastic Four, then the regular FF bock, and then the Future Foundation series. Hickman brought a sense of science fiction to the Fantastic Four which fit that series perfectly. Fantastic Four has always been a sci-fi series, sort of Lost in Space, Star Trek, and a family dramedy all in one. He has big shoes to fill stepping into the Avengers and now with issue #1 of the series we get a look at what his big plans are.

Rather than step out of his science fiction comfort zone, Hickman has brought those sensibilities to what has been a fairly earthbound book. The initial reaction I had is, awesome! The new villains are very reminiscent of something you'd see in one of the cosmic books such as Silver Surfer or even Fantastic Four and in this first issue it was interesting to set Earth's Mightiest Heroes up against them. [...]

‘Dishonored’ DLC ‘Dunwall City Trials’ Out Now; Watch The Trailer

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 09:00 AM PST

Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials Image

The first DLC for the hit Arkane Studios release Dishonored is now officially available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in North America. The add-on comes to PS3 in Europe on December 19th.

The add-on, titled Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials, offers players a collection of challenge maps where your stealth, combat, and mobility skills will be tested. It'll cost you $4.99 or 400 Microsoft Points to acquire.

You can check out a trailer for the Dunwall City Trials by clicking on over to the other side now. [...]

Comic Review: I Love Trouble #1

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 08:00 AM PST

I Love Trouble #1

I Love Trouble #1
Written by Kel Symons
Art by Mark Robinson
Colors by Paul Little
Letters by Pat Brosseau
Image Comics
Release Date: December 5, 2012
Cover Price: $2.99

The debut issue of Image's new ongoing full color series I Love Trouble is a flashy non-stop thrill ride made up of enough intricate elements to catch long term attention. Writer Kel Symons' first foray into comicland comes by way of Hollywood and it shows. This book reads more like an action film with lots explosions, sound effects of the Rrrunk!, Boom!, Aaaahhhh!, Bam! variety, stylized violence, and sexy stuff.

New Orleans as a backdrop never fails to create intrigue either. Symons effectively creates a mini-urban universe populated with seedy underworld types like gangsters, thieves, prostitutes, and slackers. And at the heart of it all there is a booty-kicking, tattooed, bisexual, young grifter type by the name of Felicia Castro. Felicia is introduced fleeing from the mob (she apparently flees from all kinds of things quite often) when she is thrust into an even wackier situation where her would-be escape plane to the Midwest crashes inexplicably bestowing upon her the supernatural power of teleportation. As if that were not enough to make for an exciting plot with oodles of potential routes to explore, I am leaving out half of the event-laden plot. [...]

70th Annual Golden Globe Award Nominees

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 06:53 AM PST

Golden Globe Awards Image

The nominees for the 70th annual Golden Globe Awards were just announced, and you can check out the full list below. The awards will air January 13th, with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler co-hosting the event.

As is always the case with the Globes, there's plenty of head scratching to be had. But the only thing glaring out at me is Game of Thrones not being nominated for Best TV Series Drama.

Continue on below now to see all the nominees, and be sure to share your thoughts on what nods you like and who/what you think got snubbed! [...]

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